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Going to university and pursuing a degree is not the only option available to bright students. With the significant cost of a degree combined with its potential devaluation, you may want at least to consider your options. There are a number of firms offering very attractive Apprenticeship and School Leaver Programmes. These are well paid and you may find run parallel to many graduate schemes.

They have the attraction of being potentially less competitive at A level entry, therefore gaining you entry into an organisation that you may struggle to secure as a graduate, when the competition is fiercer. You will also be debt free.

In addition most employers will sponsor some sort of relevant qualification, where they will not only pay your tuition fees but also provide you time off to study in the form of day release or full time education. This is whilst also being paid a salary. So you will end up with a respected qualification. Many of the firms are offering degree apprenticeships which means you will be studying for a BSc or a BA.

The majority of the apprenticeships listed on the site are either degree or higher level meaning they require A Levels or equivalent.

Need Help With Online Assessments?

Be aware that most companies employ online tests - both numerical and verbal - in order to select those candidates whose CVs they will review. Its generally a computer marked test. If you don't pass it, your CV will not even be looked at, irrespective of how qualified you might be.  It is therefore imperative to practice these tests before you sit the real one, to ensure you can pass them.

Practice the numerical tests HERE

Practice the verbal tests HERE

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