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What is an apprenticeship aptitude test? 

As a prerequisite for gaining acceptance to an apprenticeship, candidates need to pass an aptitude test. An Aptitude Test is a test aimed at measuring a candidate’s cognitive intelligence. The purpose of these exams is to ensure that all future candidates have the qualifications needed to compete the job.  Aptitude tests vary from apprenticeship to apprenticeship. Overall, the most popular types of aptitude tests are Verbal AptitudeNumerical Aptitude  and Abstract Reasoning.

Practice both maths and english tests and gain the relevent skills for your apprenticeship aptitude test HERE.

How are aptitude tests given?

Aptitude tests are usually given on a computer, at home, or at the employer’s office. If they are given at home, they are often re-given in person when you go for the interview. Aptitude tests are usually timed, and the format varies from company to company. 

What kind of aptitude tests might you face during your apprenticeship application process?

  • Numerical Reasoning Tests assess your ability to complete basic mathematical functions. It also requires you to solve basic word problems, and apply mathematical concepts to them.
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests require you to answer questions related to vocabulary knowledge, and text analysis. You will encounter analogies, fill in the blanks, and definitions. In the text analysis section, you will be presented with short passages, and expected to answer related questions.
  • Abstract Reasoning Tests use nonverbal questions to assess your abstract reasoning skills.
  • Personality Tests give your future employer an idea about your personality profile. It helps employers figure out if your character traits fit those needed for the role, and match the company’s culture.
  • Situational Judgement Tests present you with different scenarios which might arise at the workplace, and assess how you would respond to each one.
  • Mechanical Comprehension Tests measure your understanding of basic mechanical principles. 
  • Spatial Reasoning Tests analyze your spatial awareness. It presents various shapes and patterns, and requires you to determine the relationship between them. 
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests test your ability to use logic and reasoning using nonverbal information.
  • Error Checking Tests are technical tests which determines your ability to review materials, and spot mistakes.

Which test providers make apprentice aptitude test? 

  • CEB’s SHL is one of the biggest testing companies that offers various entry level and apprenticeship aptitude tests. The Verify Calculationtest is used for administrative and clerical apprenticeships. The Verify Mechanical Comprehension test is used for manufacturing, or engineering apprenticeship.
  • Saville Consultinguses the Swift Apprentice Aptitude Test for technical apprenticeships such as; engineering, manufacturing, and construction.  The Saville Swift Comprehension Aptitude Test is used for commercial and customer service apprentices. Law or accounting apprentices may encounter the Saville Aptitude Test.
  • Cut-e developed aptitude tests for trainee and apprenticeship jobs. These tests include sections on: numeracy, literacy, deductive reasoning, spatial thinking, short-term memory, and technical understanding.

How can I prepare? 

Always make sure to do your research. Ensure that you prepare using test materials similar to those that you will see on the test day. Each apprenticeship company has its own format, and questions, for aptitude tests. You will usually receive a clue for which test you will be taking in the invitation for the test. There is often even a link for the test itself!  If you are still not sure which type of exam you will face, don’t be afraid to ask. Once you know which exam you are going to take, you need to practice! Check out this practice aptitude test which gives you a broad range of skills and practice tests.   

This article was contributed by Jennifer Feldman. She is a speech and language expert and blogger at JobTestPrep. She specializes in writing about the employment hiring process. 


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