Treasury Policy AdvisorPolicy Advisors work at the heart of Government playing an important role in developing policy and helping to achieve the Treasury’s goals. Policy Advisers work on a specific area of economic or financial policy.

As a Policy Adviser, your work will involve:

  • Researching, analysing and evaluating complex data;
  • Working with other government departments, external organisations and individuals;
  • Responding to questions from MPs and members of the public; and
  • Writing briefings and speeches for Ministers and senior managers.

HM Treasury’s primary objective is to be an effective economics and finance ministry.

As an economics ministry, HM Treasury seeks to:

  • Promote macroeconomic stability and maintain confidence in the macro policy framework
  • Promote stability, fairness, efficiency and competitiveness in financial markets
  • Promote sustainable economic growth

As a finance ministry, HM Treasury seeks to:

  • Ensure effective control of and value for money in public spending
  • Ensure stable and sustainable tax receipts to fund Government spending in the least distortive way




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